#MusicMonday: The Parting Glass as Sung By Hozier

https://youtu.be/Y-BmOhjbQ44 The opening verses of 'The Parting Glass' has played at the end of 'Waking Ned Devine' and during a rare quiet scene in 'The Walking Dead.' I have, perhaps, three versions of this tune of Spotify off the top of my head, maybe more. A dive into its origins uncovered scottish origins and more … Continue reading #MusicMonday: The Parting Glass as Sung By Hozier

Byronic Hair and the New Period-Drama Heroes

A meandering discussion on Brigerton, Byronic Heroes, and Armitage.

#MusicMonday: Vivaldi-The Four Season, 1 Spring Recomposed by Max Richter Et Al

Better late than never but this Music Monday selection serves as a prelude to a post written for this week.

#MusicMonday: Epiphany by Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross

https://youtu.be/zNXY1av-NUE I decided to continue with a theme from one earlier post and highlight one of the many beautiful musical tracks from Pixar's latest movie 'Soul.' While portions of it had me going 'uh?' this movie took big risks to talk about a big theme: What is the meaning of our own lives? It's visually … Continue reading #MusicMonday: Epiphany by Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross


Call it cosmic timing. The events of yesterday happened on The Feast Day of the Epiphany, celebrating the 3 wise men giving gifts to the human manifestation of God. When you think about it, these were nobodies, in a stable. Soon after Mary, Jesus, and Joseph had to run for their lives in Egypt as … Continue reading Epiphanies

Music Monday: Treat People with Kindness by Harry Styles

https://youtu.be/L0X03zR0rQk It's a black and white video, looking like a old-time Hollywood musical with Phoebe Waller-Bridges looking snappy in her suit. It's a video and song released on New Year's Day and I had not smiling since hearing the opening chorus. Maybe 2021 will not suck. 2021 might be the year I stopped avoiding Harry … Continue reading Music Monday: Treat People with Kindness by Harry Styles

Fluffy Novels and Vicars With Glass-Cutting Cheekbones

I wrote this post in December but the little dialogue bits proved funny, at least to me.

Onward to 2021

“You must stay drunk on writing so reality cannot destroy you.”― Ray Bradbury, Zen in the Art of Writing I started this blog under 'Stacks and Ranges' to have a sense of agency. I started a new job but discovered a staff locked in time, unlock my first position. It drove me crazy, especially after working for … Continue reading Onward to 2021

Remembering Sir Ken Robinson — TED Blog

I didn't know about TED until 2008, when I went back to Red River for my Library Technician Diploma course. I had left teaching but never 'left teaching.' Making sense of my experience also made me look at some of the students I encountered, young men and women who did not fit this mould the … Continue reading Remembering Sir Ken Robinson — TED Blog

To Richard On His 49th Birthday

Dear Richard, You always seem to write the birthday messages so how about writing one to you. Let's start with the obvious, HAPPY BIRTHDAY. You are one step closer to fifty, true middle age, and it's not bad over here. (I am a year older than you.) It's also fun to reach an age where … Continue reading To Richard On His 49th Birthday