The Gimli Getaway

I had my bags packed and by my door. It was a work from home day and that allowed for some casual dressing even beyond 'casual Fridays.' I had my black, ankle-length leggings, a shirt decent enough to do a video chat. I logged in and began counting down the hours. I already postponed this … Continue reading The Gimli Getaway

Right, This Time We Twitter Right

A while ago, I disconnected this blog from my Stacks and Ranges Twitter account and took a social media break. I reconnected a while ago and noticed I am no on as much as I used and not sharing as much personal stuff. I have people from the college following me at Stacks and Ranges … Continue reading Right, This Time We Twitter Right

Music Monday: Sæglópur by Sigur Ros I got the heck out of dodge. By dodge, I mean 'Winnipeg' for a short gateaway. Technicially, I needed to stay home for 14 days to make the vaccine gain full immunity. In the end, I wanted to get out and have some time away from my condo, away from the city, and return … Continue reading Music Monday: Sæglópur by Sigur Ros

Now Let the Immune System Do its Thing

Mission Acommplished A local Twitter said she cried in a room full of strangers. I nearly wanted to cry too. Instead, my friend and I cried in her backyard after saying a toast over some Pinto Grigio we opened. "To absent friends," I said, borrowing something from Star Trek, "And things be better this year." … Continue reading Now Let the Immune System Do its Thing

Second Dose, Second Chance

Today I get my second dose I followed vaccine developments through the news and, ironically, on Twitter. There's a number of scientists on Twitter, real ones, citing actual research. While Pfizer shipments will slow down in early July, Moderna shipments will increase to Canada. I booked my appointment for Pfizer before the slowdown was announced … Continue reading Second Dose, Second Chance

So, The Universe Listened…

He's been quiet. Richard Armitage is normally quiet and especially quiet when working. One day, probably while washing the dishes, my mind picked up bits of information and concluded he must be done with his latest project. (In this case, Harlen Coben's Stay Close for Netflix.) What are you up to? I asked the universe, … Continue reading So, The Universe Listened…

Music Monday: Current Favourites I will listen to a song a repeat during a task. The lyrics may inspire me during a task, the music turns off a the monkey-chatter part of my brain to help me focus, or I want to dance out an emotion. Having a monthly subscription to Spotify proved a smart investment since I … Continue reading Music Monday: Current Favourites

Staycation: The Shorter Work-Week Sequel

I am trying to write more. The journal I had before contained the notes from every phone call to dad's nursing home. Every time the gave up his medications, food, and water are noted. The entries got shorter as my mind spiraled during the early days of the pandemic. Sadness and anxiety tugged me further … Continue reading Staycation: The Shorter Work-Week Sequel

Letting These Words Speak for Themselves